A happier life backed by an 80 year study

Harvard study has found the main source of happiness

Harvard has been conducting a study for 80 years on what is the main factors contributing to happiness and longevity.

This is the world’s longest running study which started in 1938 with 268 sophomores (first years) and which extended to various other people in the general community and is now on a third and fourth generation study.

Among them were various politicians, doctors, white and blue collar workers, schizophrenics, drug addicts, alcoholics and people from all walks of life.

So what the final determinant was for a long happy life? No fancy factors, no fancy cars or material things, but quality relationships and a life based on experiences.

Thus, the main outcome, nurture and work on building quality relationships with friends, family and colleagues not on amassing material things.

Below an infographic done by Berkeley University based on the study (click on the image to view the complete infographic):

Want to be happy? Spend on experiences not things