Why should you trust me as a financial advisor to partner on your financial journey?
I am a qualified FSCA approved (RE1 and RE5) financial advisor with more than 6 years of industry experience.


  • University of Pretoria/Universiteit van Pretoria from 2005 to 2008
Degree in BCom Marketing Management Major Subjects: Marketing Management, Communications Management, Business Management
  • Vega School of Branding from 2012 - 2013
BA Honours in Brand Management Major Subjects: Brand and Brand Building, Alchemy, Brand Management
  • FSB Approved Financial Advisor having passed RE1 and RE5


I am first and foremost a person who believes in teaching my clients how to manage money and only later will focus on any products.

I make sure my client’s day to day finances (expenses and purchases) make sense and that they can afford their current lifestyles.

It all starts with a budget and then we work on the “financial house” getting in place strong financial foundations and then building wealth and investments.

When I know what you want, I build a set of expert strategies and decision-making tools, to help you sort through the maze of modern finance…


My job as a financial advisor is to help you identify and reach your financial goals. A financial advisor will typically consider your personal circumstances to make sure these goals are realistic and achievable and provide recommendations to help you achieve them. Advice can range from once-off advice, to more comprehensive advice like setting up an investment plan or ongoing advice which may involve regular reviews.


What are the potential benefits of using an independent financial advisor, like myself?
There are several potential benefits to using an independent financial advisor. For example, I could help you:
  • Identify short, medium and long-term goals
  • Create practical strategies to achieve these goals
  • Feel more in control of your finances
  • Develop an investment plan
  • Protect your assets
  • Plan for retirement
For some people, a benefit of choosing an independent financial advisor, may be the reassurance that the advice given is impartial and not based on sales incentives.