Big News: Adviceworx

I am really excited to share with you that after three years at Impact Brokers, our team has decided to partner with Adviceworx from mid-July 2021.

Who is Adviceworx?

Adviceworx is a well-established network of financial planning practices centred around preserving and growing clients’ wealth. Following a globally recognised advisory process, backed by state-of-the-art technology and tools, ensures optimum outcomes for clients.

Why Adviceworx?

  • More effective support systems, meaning quicker turnaround times and more accurate workflow.
  • Advice and planning based on international best practice (one of only a handfull of companies in South Africa).
  • Direct access to portfolio managers, which means a greater chance of higher returns.
  • Access to new platforms and products, which will allow you to have better options.
  • A world-class CRM system that will keep you updated on developments in real-time.
  • A succession plan, thus if something should ever happen to me, there will be someone ready to assist you, and the transition will be smooth.
  • What will change for you as a client?

On your current policies, nothing will change with the transition to Adviceworx. There will be no cost to you, or any additional fees or taxes and your policy will remain as is with the company you have a policy with and will just be transferred to the new broker house (with your consent).

Myself and Faan will still be the team’s core, with some additional members joining us as part of the extra value add for you, our valued client.

We will contact you soonest to ensure a seamless transition.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

My email address will change to, but my cell number remains the same 082 774 1996.

Faan’s email address will change to, and his cell will also stay the same 079 692 4916.

One lucky client will also receive a donation to a charity of their choice if they switch over before the end of September 2021, and there will be a secret prize for another client who switches over before the end of September 2021.