Current exciting investment options for you & SARS Auto Assessments

Current exciting investment options for you

Momentum MEGO
This option has a guarantee and is a five year fixed investment. It is an offshore investment managed by PNB Paribas, one of the biggest banks in the world. If, after five years, the investment index has a negative return, they will give you back your money plus 15% guaranteed (on R100 000, you will get R115 000 back guaranteed). If the index has done better than 15% over five years, they will double the return above 15%.

Discovery Offshore
There are various options, but the dollar endowment (minimum of $200pm) has proved extremely popular over the past year. This is an excellent option if you would like to diversify your money with direct offshore investments. Also, great if you want your kids to study overseas or if you like to travel and preferably want to travel with US dollars.

Tax-Free Savings Account
This option is great for longer-term savings (10 years plus) because the actual tax-free saving is only realised after having a lot of money in the account. Remember, this can be a great tool to fund your retirement in addition to your RA/Pension because all withdrawals are tax-free.

SARS Auto Assessments

It is crucial that even if you get auto assessed by SARS this tax season that you still check that their numbers are correct. If something did not pull through automatically and you are deemed to owe SARS money, you might be liable, and you will be fined because you are seen as being dishonest.