Government spending | December holiday tips | Cost of medical aid at retirement

Government spending

One of the things I hear so often when meeting with clients is how they are sick and tired of how the government spends the tax money. We are currently running a deficit of US $17.52 billion in the country, meaning we spend more than what we earn and have a debt to GDP ratio of 81%, which means that for every 1 Rand produced, we owe 80 cents. See my video to the left.

December holiday tips

  1. Make sure your short-term insurance is up to date and correct.
  2. Make sure your car is in good working order.
  3. Have an up to date will.
  4. Know your budget and what you can spend – no surprises in January.
  5. Check that your medical aid covers you wherever you travel, and make sure you know where the closest hospital and GP is.

Cost of medical aid at retirement

Click here for a cool new tool from Momentum showing you how much your medical aid will cost once you retire. You enter your data, and it will work out how much it will cost and how much you should save per month to pay the medical aid at retirement.