House alterations | Medical aid tax credits | Chronic meds

House alterations

With the low interest rates, we see more people making property alterations, from revamping their kitchen to upgrading their garden. Still, few people acknowledge the risk that comes with making these changes.

Did you know that your short-term insurance might not cover you if a contractor damages your property due to an accident, and theft might also not be covered?

Before starting the project, make sure your contractor has a contractor's all-risk policy, which you can claim against in the case of damages or theft.

Also, make sure you know what your insurance policy covers and what not, and make the necessary changes before starting the project.

Medical tax credits

Did you know?

You can claim GP visits, hospital visits and medication back from tax if not paid by your medical aid.

Make sure you save those invoices and file them with your tax return.

Medical tax credits

Chronic conditions

Did you know that you might have a specialist visit (or more than one) that will be paid out of your chronic PMB instead of your savings account as part of your chronic condition?

This is one of the most overlooked benefits that nearly all medical aids offer, and people are not aware of it.