Retirement reform | Cheatsheets | Good news

Retirement reform

A lot of fear and anxiety has been caused by the headlines that your retirement money is in danger of being lost. This is not true, and there is no more talk of prescribed assets (government forcing you to invest in state entities).

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Retirement Tax Reform

Spending cheatsheet

Below is an easy to use reference that I also make available on my free Bulletproof foundation course:

Housing 25%
Vehicles 10 – 12%
Food 10 – 15%
Insurance 10 – 15%
Recreation 5 – 10%
Retirement (Pre-tax min) 15%
Personal spending 5 – 10%
Savings 10%
Miscellaneous 5 – 10%
Medical aid 5 – 10%
Utilities 5 – 10%

The Rand has gained roughly 5% against the Dollar in 2021

Some good news

  1. The Rand has gained roughly 5% against the Dollar in 2021.
  2. Emerging Markets are projected to see high net inflows of foreign cash as the economies open again and start with significant infrastructure investments.
  3. Our mining sector has benefited from worldwide market confidence, leading to an estimated R120 billion additional tax revenue to the fiscus.